A divorce is one of the most difficult things a person can go through in life.  Going through a divorce is both emotionally difficult and financially difficult.  It involves the end of a relationship that at least one, if not both, spouses thought would last forever.

Divorce often involves dividing time with their children.  It involves separating and dividing their financial lives, both their assets and their debts. And oftentimes, it comes with the need, at least temporarily, for some restrictions on the couple’s behavior towards each other.  Divorce also often involves continuing ongoing support from one spouse to the other for the children and possibly even for the spouse.         Divorce is not only emotionally and financially difficult, it is also a very complex process.  There are at least seven questions divorcing couples have to answer.

1.        What are the grounds for divorce going to be?
2.        How are we going to handle custody and visitation of the children?
3.        Who will pay child support and how much support will they be required to pay?
4.        Will a spouse be required to pay alimony?  If so, how much and for how long?
5.        How are we going to divide our assets and debts?
6.        Will there be any restraining orders or other restrictions on one or both spouses’ future conduct?
7.        Who is going to pay for the divorce?

It can take a great deal of time, effort and information to answer each one of those questions.  That is why divorce can take so long and be so expensive.

At Carolina Family Matters, it is our job as divorce lawyers to help our clients get an answer to those questions that is best for them and best for their children.  In working to achieve the best outcomes for our clients  we focus on providing information to the other spouse, their lawyer, the mediator, and if necessary a judge, in ways that best support what is best for our clients and their children.

While we hope no one ever has to experience the pain of a divorce if a divorce, if that is what you’re facing, let us help.  We can help you and your family through this difficult time.

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