Mediation is a process used by divorcing spouses to reach an agreement about the issues in their divorce.  Mediation uses a neutral third person to help them work through their issues and reach an agreement.

The mediator’s job is to help the spouses identify issues, talk through their concerns, discover possible solutions and (hopefully) reach an agreement addressing all the issues and concerns related to their separation and divorce.

Mediation has three primary advantages over an agreement divorcing spouses may reach on their own. First, because of their experience the mediator is often able to spot issues that the spouses may not have considered.  Second, the mediator may recognize potential problems and pitfalls with solutions the spouses are considering and can suggest alternatives that will work better.  Third, the mediator can help the parties talk through issues that may otherwise have caused the parties to walk away from their discussions.  The mediator creates a safe environment, provides structure to the discussions and helps the parties express their needs, desires and proposed solutions in ways that are less likely to hurt feelings and cause a breakdown in communication.