Divorce Mediation IS:

  • One or more meetings between you, your spouse and a mediator.
  • To discuss decisions related to your separation and divorce.
  • For the purpose of discussing possible solutions and reaching an agreement.

Divorce Mediation IS NOT:

  • A yelling match or gripe session
  • A time to place blame or get revenge
  • A time for the mediator or your spouse to tell you what to do

Divorce Mediation is different from Court because:

  • It is quicker
  • It takes less time
  • It is less expensive
  • You have more control
  • The results are customized to fit you and your family
  • You can walk away as friends (or at least on speaking terms)

If you think Divorce Mediation may be the way you want to handle your separation and divorce, take a look at the information on this site.

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